Our Mission: 

At The Spanglish Kids our mission is to elevate cultura through our brand of tees and accessories. Our brand speaks to our language con estilo. We are dedicated to raising the next generation of spanglish kids.                                                          

Our Founders: 
We are sisters! Born and raised in Los Angeles we are inspired by different cultures from around the world living in this diverse city. Our parents immigrated from Mexico with completely different experiences but ended up together in this amazing city. We got our entrepreneurial spirit from our parents who opened a bakery in the late 70s.  As first generation children of immigrants, our story is similar like so many around us but wanted to create a brand that will speak to our children - The Spanglish Kids. They are growing up in a world in English and Spanish that comes out sometimes in Spanglish. Our roots are deep and proud and excited to go on this journey together.
Meet Martha: 
Martha is a proud Latina who was born and bred in Los Angeles. Martha is a working mama of 2 girls sharing this wild ride of parenthood with her husband. She has spent the last 25 years in retail working for iconic brands where she led teams to next level performance. Martha brings the keen eye of quality, operations and service to the heart and soul of all successful businesses to The Spanglish kids™.
Martha's favorite things in Los Angeles are the Dodgers, the Lakers, Downtown LA architecture and the weather!
Meet Maribel
Maribel is born and raised in Los Angeles.
She is a twin, wife, and dog mom living is Houston Texas! After 16 years of working in kitchens and in the culinary world she started her own successful party decor business 4years ago. Creativity, passion, and intuitive business smarts is what she brings to The Spanglish kids.
She loves cooking, dogs, dancing, coffee, and all thing Disney!